1. location, situation, placement, disposition, arrangement, order, array, assignment, collocation; placing, emplacement, localization, positioning, deposition; localizing, pinpointing, centering; establishment, settling, settlement; fixation, lodgment, installation, investiture, insertion.
2. site, place, situation, spot, locality; seat, stand, emplacement, point, bearings, latitude and longitude; scene, Law. venue, Latin. locus, Fr. lieu.
3. state, situation, condition, status, mode; way, circumstance, light; lot, portion; predicament, plight, pinch, pass, Sl. hole, Sl. jam, Sl. fix, impasse, imbroglio.
4. upperhand, edge, odds, leverage; hold, whip hand, purchase, grasp; advantage, influence, primacy, sway; domination, dominion, mastery, supremacy, superiority.
5. status, standing, rank, step, rung, footing; degree, grade, gradation, class, caste; stage, level, ground, plane.
6. consequence, circumstance, condition, means; prominence, elevation, eminence, importance, distinction, estimation, esteem; repute, reputation, name, character, prestige, dignity, honor, izzat.
7. post, job, situation, function, office; duty, role, place, berth, billet, slot; appointment, assignment, commission, sinecure; occupation, livelihood, business.
8. posture, stance, pose, attitude, air; set, stand, bearing, poise, port, pressure; mien, face, cast.
9. stand, attitude, point of view, viewpoint, disposition, way of looking at things; bent, leaning, inclination, proclivity; angle, slant, respect, outlook; feeling, sentiment, way of thinking, opinion.
10. proposition, postulate, hypothesis, thesis; predication, contention, assertion, dictum; doctrine, principle, belief; conception, idea, estimation, notion, mind, thought.
11. place, put, arrange, pose, set, dispose, form; order, distribute, array, organize; range, line up, align, file, space, put into shape; Inf. skidshoot, Inf. cantdog; size, group, marshal, collocate; center, localize, put one's finger on, hit, pinpoint.
12. locate, situate, establish, set, base, ensconce; settle, place, seat, assign, collocate; set down, lay down, park; consign, localize, post, station.

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  • position — [ pozisjɔ̃ ] n. f. • 1265; lat. positio, de ponere « poser » I ♦ 1 ♦ Manière dont une chose, une personne est posée, placée, située; lieu où elle est placée. ⇒ disposition, emplacement. Position horizontale, verticale, inclinée (⇒ inclinaison) .… …   Encyclopédie Universelle

  • Position — Po*si tion, n. [F. position, L. positio, fr. ponere, positum, to put, place; prob. for posino, fr. an old preposition used only in comp. (akin to Gr. ?) + sinere to leave, let, permit, place. See {Site}, and cf. {Composite}, {Compound}, v.,… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

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  • Position — (lat. positio ‚Lage, Stellung‘) bezeichnet: die Lage eines Punktes im Raum, siehe Koordinatensystem und Ortsbestimmung Soziale Position, den Status einer Person in sozialen Beziehungen Meinung, eine subjektive Ansicht bzw. einen Standpunkt den… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • position — Position. s. f. Terme de Geographie. Situation. La position des lieux n est pas juste, n est pas bien marquée dans cette carte. C est aussi un terme de Philosophie & de Mathematique, & alors il se dit de l establissement d un principe. De la… …   Dictionnaire de l'Académie française

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  • Position — Sf std. (16. Jh.) Entlehnung. Entlehnt aus l. positio ( ōnis), Abstraktum zu l. pōnere (positum) setzen, stellen, legen . Adjektiv: positionell.    Ebenso nndl. positie, ne. position, nfrz. position, nschw. position, nnorw. posisjon. ✎ Leser, E.… …   Etymologisches Wörterbuch der deutschen sprache

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  • position — (n.) late 14c., as a term in logic and philosophy, from O.Fr. posicion, from L. positionem (nom. positio) act or fact of placing, position, affirmation, from posit , pp. stem of ponere put, place, from PIE *po s(i)nere, from *apo off, away (see… …   Etymology dictionary

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